A car’s flywheel works to reduce any vibration and keeps gears shifting correctly when the clutch is used. When something with the flywheel goes wrong, it will cause problems with the clutch system.

There are three common symptoms drivers experience with a bad flywheel. Be on the lookout for these signs:

1.Gear Slippage
-Is your car unable to move up to the next gear? Or is it shifting to the next gear but then slipping back right after? If this is happening then you may have bad flywheel. The slippage is caused by plate grinding, oil contamination or friction.
2.Burnt Smell
-If your car starts to smell like burnt toast this is a major indicator of a bad flywheel. Too much heat in the clutch facings causes the odor.
3.Clutch Vibrations
-Usually these can be felt on the floor of the car. This is caused due to failure of the spring mount mechanism of the flywheel. This makes it difficult for the flywheel to perform when the clutch is in use.

A flywheel problem can lead to other issues with your vehicle. If you suspect that you have a bad flywheel try not to drive around as this could make things worse. It’s best to have our team of professionals diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible. The team at Webb’s has years of experience and has become the auto repair shop Fort Walton Beach can trust. Give us a call at 850.863.9322 and schedule your appointment today!

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