Check Engine Light

Has your check engine light suddenly turned on? Have no idea why? The team at Webb’s Transmission, Auto Repair and Service is here to help diagnose your car’s issues. Although there’s no way to know what’s wrong without running a diagnostic, below are the top five reasons why a light has turned on.
  • Faulty Oxygen Sensor– your engine may be burning more fuel. This may also damage your spark plugs and/or catalytic converter.
  • Missing or Damaged Gas Cap– you may be losing fuel due to evaporation causing you to spend more money on gas.
  • Damaged Catalytic Converter– your car will fail emissions test and you will experience a reduction in performance and fuel economy.
  • Damaged Mass Airflow Sensor– may cause damage to your oxygen sensor, spark plugs or catalytic converter. You will experience a reduction in performance and fuel economy.
  • Worn out Spark Plugs or Plug Wires– may cause your catalytic converter to get clogged or damage to your ignition coils or oxygen sensor.

The team at Webb’s is here to help you turn off your check engine light.

Contact us today to set up your initial diagnostic. Our team of professionals is ready to help you get back on the road safely. Come find out why we are the most trusted Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop.

check engine light diagnostic

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