ASE Certified Technicians

How many times have you found yourself looking for a car repair shop and seen different certifications for their technicians? Ever wonder what they mean and if they truly make a difference. Although we can speak for all of them, we are proud to stand behind our ASE certification. ASE has been around since 1972 and is an independent, non-profit organization. ASE certifies both individual technicians and service advisors. Keep in mind that they do not certify an entire auto shop. Certification is granted based on skill level, tests as well as the community involvement of each technician.

Webb’s has ASE Certified technicians!

In order to be an ASE Certified location you must have multiple ASE certified technicians. Certified technicians all have a two-year degree plus a year of experience or two years of on the job training to be eligible to test. Technicians must also retest every five years to maintain their certification. An ASE certification is not easy to get, just two out of every three test takers pass the exam of their first try.

An ASE certification is a great for both technicians and customers alike. For technicians, this is a way to show that they have the right expertise and skill level to potential customers. For shop managers, it’s a way to verify a technician’s skill level before hiring them. While for customers it’s reassuring to know that the person working on your car has not just experience but has been able to retain an important certification.

For more information on our technicians and how we can best help you, contact us at Webb’s. We are the oldest and most experienced Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop. Come by today!


Is your car not starting?

Probably one of the worst feelings is getting in your car ready to begin your day just to end up finding yourself stuck because your car won’t start. Your mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out exactly why your engine does not roar to life. Below are some reasons why your car may not be starting:

If you aren’t sure exactly what’s causing your car not to start, give us a call at Webb’s Auto Repair and Transmission. Our team of highly trained professionals will inspect your car and have you back on the road in no time. As the oldest and most trusted auto repair shop in Fort Walton Beach, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our work. Schedule your appointment today!

How to avoid overheating in the Summer

As temperatures continue to rise, many of us are taking this time as an opportunity to road trip. Whether you are taking a quick trip to Fort Walton Beach or you’re getting ready to drive out of town, it is important to service your car during the summer months. If your car is known to overheat or you want to make sure you don’t get stuck halfway between here and Las Vegas, check out some of our tips below:

If you aren’t sure if your car is ready for a road trip in this weather, let the team of professionals at Webb’s Auto Repair help you get ready. As the oldest and most trusted Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop, we are here to get you on the road safely. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

Why isn’t my car accelerating?

We have heard this question from our customer time and time again. Here are a few reasons you might be experiencing issues with acceleration:

Emergency Brake
Check if your emergency brake is on. You’d be surprised how common this is and it prevents you from moving at all.

If your car is left in neutral, it may stay at a stand still or roll away, depending on the position of the car. Make sure to check that your car is not in neutral.

Low Fuel Pressure
If the car sputters too much, doesn’t quite accelerate, there are power issues, or if the car doesn’t start at all, then you’re more than likely looking at a low fuel pressure problem. If this is the case, a replacement or maintenance of the fuel pump will be necessary.

Electrical Issues
Emergency brakes and neutral position are two instances were an easy fix is in place however electrical issues will require a technician to look at your car.

Worn Timing Belt
When you accelerate, the wheels turn and increase your rotations per minute (RPM) which then strains the timing belt. If your timing belt is worn, the acceleration will hesitate or fail. If this is the issue, you’ll need to repair or replace your timing belt.

Don’t forget these are just some issues as to why your car might not accelerate. If you aren’t quite sure, it’s best to bring it in and have one of our experienced technicians take a look at your car. As the oldest and most trusted auto repair shop in Fort Walton Beach, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of your issue. Give us a call today to schedule your free initial diagnostic.

Fort Walton Beach Auto Repair Services

Looking for Fort Walton Beach Auto Repair Services? Then look no further, Webb’s Auto Repair and Transmission Shop is here to assist you in all your car needs. Whether you need regular maintenance or your car is not running correctly, the team of professionals at Webb’s has the experience to get you back on the road in no time. With over 45 years in business, Webb’s is the oldest and most trusted auto repair shop in Fort Walton Beach.

At Webb’s, you will receive a free initial diagnosis for your vehicle. One of our professional ASE certified technicians will then go over their findings and discuss the best options for you. No vehicle is too big for the team at Webb’s. From RV’s to Diesels to 4X4’s, we have the equipment necessary to work on them all. Webb’s Transmission and Auto Repair is also associated with ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) so your transmission warranty is nationwide for 3 years/50,000 miles on most automatics.

Most trusted and affordable Fort Walton Beach Auto Repair Services!

Let our team get you back on the road quick. Give us a call and schedule your initial diagnosis. You won’t be disappointed you came to Webb’s.

Get your AC ready for the Summer Heat

Living in Florida, we know that the summer heat starts way before the official start of summer. The last thing you want is to be caught of guard with a faulty AC system. Imagine having to drive around in a hot, stuffy car with only the hot wind blowing in from outside. Here are a few tips to get your AC ready for summer:

If you aren’t sure if your AC is working properly, make sure to contact the team at Webb’s. As the oldest Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop, we have the skills necessary to make sure your AC is working in top condition in no time. Give us a call today to schedule a time to come in and meet with one of our professional mechanics. Possibly have other issues with your vehicle? check out all the services we offer.

Are your windshield wipers ready for rain?

Living in Florida means rain can happen at any moment. One minute the sun is shining bright and the next an overcast comes through. This means making sure windshield wipers are always in top shape. Windshield wipers sometimes don’t get as much attention as the rest of your car. It’s easy to overlook them when you have breaks or motor to worry about. However it’s important to keep an eye on your wipers and make sure that you have clear visibility at all times. Below are some things to be on the lookout for:

On occasion, simply replacing your wiper is not the answer. A faulty wiper can sometimes mean having to service or replace the windshield wiper motor. Your wiper motor is comprised of all the electrical circuits that control your windshield wipers. At times, one of these electrical circuits can be faulty. If you aren’t sure exactly what the problem is with your wipers then give the team at Webb’s a call. Our team of professionals will get to the bottom of the problem and get you back on the road safely. With over 40 years of service, we have become the auto repair shop Fort Walton Beach can trust. Don’t get caught out in the rain unprepared,  contact us today to make your appointment.

What’s leaking from your car?

How many times have you found yourself pulling out from your parking space and seeing a puddle of water? oil? brake fluid? something on the floor. For most people it might be difficult to figure out what that substance might be however, some automotive fluids are different colors making it a bit easier to distinguish.

Water is probably the easiest one to figure out, particularly if you had recently been running the AC. Living in Florida, chances are you were. Running the AC can cause condensation from the AC system which then drips out through a rubber tube. If this is the case for your puddle, this is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

If the puddle is yellow or orange then it’s most likely gasoline. You’ll more than likely recognize it by its smell than by its color. Don’t forget it’s extremely flammable so handle with care.

Now if your puddle has a sweet smell to it then it’s antifreeze. For many years antifreeze was green, however more recently its been colored differently. However, the sweet smell caused by its ethylene glycol content is unmistakable no matter the color.

The color of motor oil will largely depend on how long it’s been in the engine but you can expect a yellowish color or darker. With motor oil, if you rub it between your fingers it will be slippery. Transmission fluid is also slippery much like motor oil but it is a magenta color.

If it’s power steering fluid it will be clear much like water but even more slippery than motor oil. Brake fluid will also be slippery but yellowish in color.

Whatever the color of your leak is, its best to take care of it right away. If you’re still not sure what is causing the leak, contact us today. As the oldest auto repair shop in Fort Walton Beach, we have the experience to take care of any issue your vehicle may have.

Signs of a Faulty Transmission

Having to change a bad transmission is one of the most expensive fixes for your car. Regular maintenance and fluid changes are important factors for keeping your vehicle’s transmission in good condition. Below are our top warning signs to be on the lookout for if you suspect a faulty transmission:

-Transmission Fluid Leak: probably the easiest way to determine that your transmission may need some work. Transmission fluid does not burn during operation like motor oil. If you see fluid on your driveway or have noticed that your fluid is running low, you more than likely have a leak.
-Burning Odor: Transmission fluid usually has a sweet or tart odor. If you begin smelling like something is burning be sure to check your fluids. If your transmission fluid is burnt, your transmission could be burning also leading to a complete transmission rebuild.
-Warning Light: If your transmission warning light activates check your fluid and engine coolant levels. Your transmission fluid may be hotter than normal therefore causing your transmission to operate at a higher temperature.
-Delay in Shifting: Don’t forget, transmissions were designed to go into the correct gear every time. A delay in movement from your car may mean a problem with your transmission. You can usually feel this best when going from park to drive.
-Transmission Slipping: If your vehicle feels like it’s changing gears on its own for no reason (speeding up or slowing down), your transmission may be slipping.

Have our team check for a faulty transmission today!

If you’re experiencing any of these issues it may be time to contact our professional team at Webb’s. As the oldest Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop, we have the expertise to get your back on the road in no time. To schedule an appointment call us at 850.863.9322.

Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips

With Winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your car is ready for what’s to come. Here at Webb’s we have compiled a few things to keep in mind:

-Antifreeze: this 50/50 mix with water will help sustain temperatures of -35 degrees. Make sure to check that you have enough at least during every oil change.
-Tires: make sure your tires aren’t worn out. If traveling to snowy locations, even snow tires can offer a false sense of security if they don’t have enough tread. Best to keep your tires is top forms when dealing with icy surfaces.
-Wiper Blades: don’t take your ability to clearly see the road for granted. Avoid a dangerous situation and check your wiper blades before you need to use them.
-Battery: electrical components can slow down when temperatures drop. Avoid being stranded on the side of the road or even worse having to walk through a foot of snow and make sure to check your battery capacity often.
-Heater Operation: Don’t find yourself out on a cold day with no heat. Check your heating system at every oil change to make sure you’re ready for the cold winter months.

Follow our winter maintenance tips to help you get through the cold months.

For assistance in getting your vehicle ready for the winter months give the professional team at Webb’s a call at 850-863-9322. As the oldest Fort Walton Beach auto repair shop we are here serve you.

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