Have you made any of these vehicle maintenance mistakes?

Vehicle maintenance is one of the most important things to keep up with when you own or lease a vehicle. Completing these simple maintenance steps can add years of life to your vehicle. Read some of the common mistakes below that people make when it comes to keeping up with their vehicle. And for all of your auto repair needs, call the certified auto mechanics Fort Walton Beach has trusted for years.

  • Ignoring the check engine light
    • It is very important to diagnose and repair the issue when the check engine light comes on. Some issues can seem insignificant, but not fixing these can cause even larger problems down the road. It is recommended to take your vehicle in to a professional to have it diagnosed and repaired to ensure the life of your vehicle.
  • Not checking tire pressure
    • Making sure your tire pressure is at the level your vehicle manual requires is important to many factors that can impact your vehicle. From gas mileage to comfort, having the appropriate pressure in your tires is very important. Also, check to make sure they are free of punctures and foreign objects.
  • Skipping an oil change
    • Newer vehicles may be able to go a few more miles before the recommended oil change is up, but skipping an oil change can be detrimental to your engine and vehicle overall. Many Fort Walton Beach auto repair shops offer specials on oil changes, so check online and schedule your oil change today. Be sure to check your oil before a long road trip, as well.

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No matter if you own a new vehicle, or are driving an older model, keeping up with routine maintenance is important in adding life to your vehicle. Call your auto repair Fort Walton Beach specialists today to schedule a tune up and take care of your vehicle maintenance. Doing this can add years to your car and relieve worries from your mind. Call your ASE certified technicians at Webb’s Transmission and Auto Repair. We also offer free initial diagnostics, so come by our shop today!


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